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Want to relax a bit outside but remain dry? Curl up on the porch with a blanket and some hot chocolate. While you’re out there make sure to admire the hand-crafted railing and gaze out at the unique architecture of the surrounding houses.
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The living room gives way to many comforts, whether you are interested in listening to classic rock on the record player or doing some light reading in one of the many cozy and warmly lit nooks.
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While you grab a novel from the upstairs bookcase and take a moment to decompress, your children will have no lack of things to do. Owner Ash Howard had his wife and two children in mind while furnishing his home, choosing to include numerous toys and two outdoor playhouses.
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The kitchen comes fully equipped with all your cooking and baking needs, whether you’re planning a massive holiday dinner party or are just looking to make some macaroni and cheese.
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Sprinkled with touches of Portland and Australian culture, the dining room is a place where you can truly relish in the quirkiness that makes Portland Portlandia. Complete with a Victorian portrait of the Star Wars crew (light sabers and all) and eclectic figurines from Ash’s online store, Popcultcha, there certainly won’t be a lack of conversation pieces at dinner!
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Beginning to feel tuckered out from all of the NE Portland excitement? Kick off your slippers onto the clear grain fir flooring and nestle into a warm, queen-sized bed.
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