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Quince and parsnip soup with apple, fennel, sweet onion, basalmic, and radish greens. Vegan and gluten-free.
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Belgian endive and cress salad with olives, dried figs, peppers, pickled baby carrots, and fried croutons. Vegan.
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Grumolo chickories salad with roasted shallot, radish, fennel, herbed chevre, and almonds. Gluten-free.
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Left: Winter squash frittata with shallot, lemon, kale, parmesan, and hazelnuts. Gluten-free. Right: Quince and parsnip soup.
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Left: Sous chef Chris Soffner. Right: Chickpea ratatouille with delicata squash, beluga lentils, coconut and basil. Vegan and gluten-free.
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Wild mushroom and goat cheese arancini with porcini, onions, beets, and tomato conserva. Vegetarian.
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Left: Hazelnuts and huckleberries (see next slide). Right: Pumpkin spice trifle with butterscotch, golden raisins, and candied pepitas. Vegan.
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Hazelnuts and huckleberries with meringues, hazelnut cream, and quince sorbet.
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