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Pesto Pizza
Old Town Pizza rings in its 40th year in operation with a 1970s-themed celebration in honor of the year that they first opened their doors in 1974.
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Margherita Pizza
Old Town Pizza's dough is made fresh and is never more than a few hours old.
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Pizza Nija Jim
“Pizza Ninja Jim” has been slicing up pizza for diners for more than 25 years. Don’t blink or else you might just miss his lighting-fast slicing skills.
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Antique pieces from the former Merchant Hotel adds historic flare
The restaurant remains in its original location in the city’s historic Old Town neighborhood in what used to be the Merchant Hotel. Owner Adam Milne has retained much of the 1880 building’s charm, including the check-in counter, which is now an ordering counter, and an old punch-in message machine for former hotel guests.
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Mix and match vintage furniture
The dining area of Old Town Pizza is decorated with mix-and-match antique furniture, adding to the vintage feel of the historic establishment.
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Shanghai Tunnels
The building’s spooky history, including basement access to the city’s Shanghai Tunnels and a cozy elevator shaft turned intimate dining space where the establishment’s resident ghost allegedly fell to her death, offer a fun twist on the traditional pizza and beer experience.
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A flight of Old Town Brewery's craft brews
Head brewer, Bolt Minister, has prepared a special 40th anniversary brew for the occasion, which he's named “Nina’s Lager” after the building's resident ghost Nina. Nina’s Lager, a pre-prohibition lager with a grainy sweetness, will be tapped at 4 pm on April 15.
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Piping hot pesto pizza
Feeling too lethargic to venture out to one of Old Town’s two restaurant locations? They’ve got you covered and will deliver pizza (and beer!) to your door on a bike.
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