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Canning Love 2014 Wall Calendar by Brooke Weeber
Is preservation your favorite hobby? Did you spend all summer canning and pickling Summer's bounty? Then this calendar is perfect for you and your productive kitchen. Post this up next to your long line of jams and jellies. Or put it in your office to remind you to eat those pickled beets you made! $15; brookeweeber.com
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Inside Outsider Art 2014 Calendar by Ash Street Arts
Inside Outsider Art features selections of original artwork made by individuals living with developmental delays and brain injuries. This calendar is the product of Mentor Oregon's Ash Street Arts program, a support center in SE Portland that seeks to engage individuals with outlets for self-expression and support their artistic livelihoods. $10; etsy.com/shop/AshStreetArts
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2014 Calendar Cards by Red Bat Press
A New Year's greeting card that opens up into a year calendar. This year's limited edition run are inspired by the seasons and animals in the wild at play. $8; redbatpress.com
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2014 Year in Stitches Calendar Kit by Heather Lins
Stitch a pretty design each month and create your own calendar. Using the needle, embroidery floss and calendar cards provided, just poke and stitch your way through the year. No embroidery skills are necessary to complete this easy calendar kit. $25; heatherlinshome.com
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Forest Friends Perpetual Calendar by Quill and Fox
Whimsical woodland creatures will remind you to send birthday greetings or to pay your annual tax bills. A deer, rabbit, hedgehog, beaver, bear, squirrel, fox, snail, raccoon, birds..and bees were illustrated by Quill & Fox Design for this great perpetual calendar. $12; buyolympia.com
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2014 Portland Oregon Calendar by Melissa Lund
Enjoy views of Portland, Oregon year round: downtown, the Hollywood Theater, Jackson Tower, and the Fremont Bridge to name a few. When the year is over, cut off the bottom half and create a pretty gallery for your wall. $28; etsy.com/shop/MelissaKLund
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Invincible Summer 2014 Calendar by Nicole Georges
The calendar is conveniently sized and opens up to reveal tons of adorable animals over 13 months (Jan 2014-Jan 2015) and calendar dates with room to write on. This year's animal count includes 1 bat, 2 gerenuks, 2 baby bears, 1 pangolin, 1 pug dressed like Evita, 2 emotional jerboa, 1 capybara, and more! $12; littleotsu.com
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Bridgetown Desktop Calendar by Anders Printing
This desktop calendar celebrates Portland's unique culture as it highlights a specific bridge for every month. All the bridges were hand drawn and each calendar includes its own case so it will stand on your desk. $19; etsy.com/shop/andersprinting
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Everyday Magic 2014 Calendar by APAK
Portland husband-and-wife duo Aaron and Ayumi return to the expanses of space to depict the harmonious simplicity of a peaceful utopia in rich and colorful gouache/acrylic paintings on wood. Each month comes printed on its own sheet with a drill hole at the top so you can get creative with how you want to display the months--one at a time, 3 months, or all 12 at once! $14; littleotsu.com
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Mini 2014 Calendar by Sweet Bonny
This is a great gift for anyone who loves fun and colorful characters. Each set comes with 1" magnet, so you can have it on the refrigerator, your desk top or anywhere you can think of. $12.95; etsy.com/shop/SweetBonny
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2014 Calendar by Old School Stationers
Old School Stationers' goods are made one at a time using pencil, paper, ink and 900 pounds of cast iron. The beautiful, thick letterpress paper used for cards and prints is imported from Milan Italy, where they have been pulping this style of sheet for over 350 years. oldschoolstationers.com
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Once Around The Sun Together 2014 Wall Calendar by Big Time Illustration
BT Livermore is Big Time Illustration. He says about his calendar, "I feel the word 'together' means all of us, sharing the Earth together as we hurtle through space." $20; buyolympia.com
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Large 2014 Calendar by Jessica Swift
Each month features a bright, colorful, and happy patterns-- pretty walls = happy you! The pages are loose and un-bound, so they can be configured on your wall in any number of ways. $36; etsy.com/shop/jessicagswift
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2014 Pocket Calendar by Halle Cisco
This is a 28 page hand drawn calendar that is 3.5x5 inches with a sturdy cover that will put up with some wear and tear. The first page is a listing of "Closed for Business" days. Each month has a "notes" area to jot down important details that you want to remember. $10; hallecisco.com
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