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"Stripes are a mainstay for us," Culbertson says. "They also happen to be really popular right now. A lot of what is happening in this collection is taking the high-quality craftsmanship we've always evoked and moving it in a more modern direction."
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This stationary set, a collaboration with Portland's Egg Press, evokes a more stately form of discourse. "We were really inspired by the 1960s, when people would have their own personal stationary sets. The gold embossing honors that kind of personal touch in communication. We don't think that letter-writing or the physical object are going away."
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"There's always a bit of vintage or retro in our collections," Culbertson says of this bodacious (and fully operational) cooler. "This one is heavy, it's durable, and it really evokes that nostalgic feeling of going camping with the family."
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Who knew that Portland is home to one of the nation's leading jump-rope manufacturers? Schoolhouse teamed up with old-school supplier the Jump Rope Store for this homage to classic fitness.
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In keeping with the throwback vibes of some of the rest of the collection, Schoolhouse commissioned this piece, evoking 1970s travel posters, from California artist Christopher Bettig.
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Meanwhile, a contribution from New York's Christina Sun hits a moodier note of nautical contemplation.
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The collection's bedding reiterates Schoolhouse's handcrafted, collaborative leanings. Sheets developed by Portland artist Ashley Goldberg evoke classic ticking, but with hand-drawn (and thus imperfect) lines. "It adds that little bit of personality people want in their spaces," Culbertson says. Meanwhile, for the pillows, Schoolhouse used gray men's suiting fabric—it'll be like sleeping on Don Draper's sportcoat.
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