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PDX Living's "CoreHaus" on NE 61st Place was not only among the first certified Passive Houses in the country, but was built on speculation. It was completed and sold in 2010.
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A local pioneer in Passive House construction, the design and construction firm Green Hammer recently finished this home on NE Morrison Street.
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The Kailish Eco-Village in Southeast Portland features sustainably built, affordable apartments and dormitories, plus a Passive House community room that features movie nights and a vegan-only kitchen.
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Matthew and Kathy Bradburn's Passive House in the Richmond neighborhood epitomizes a green, techie look with its sunshades and metal siding. It was featured in November's International Passive House Days tour.
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Tad Everhart, a Passive House consultant at Earth Advantage, and his wife Maria proved with their own home near Mt. Tabor that super-green energy performance can come in a traditional package.
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