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Homes, Delivered by Zeppelin
Fuller proposed mass-produced housing, consisting of stacked hexagonal components, delivered by Zeppelin anywhere in the world.
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Hexagonal Living
Fuller designed a single-story version of his hexagonal home, with the semi-mystical name "4-D Time Lock."
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A Retro-Futuristic Visionary
Gerst, an artist and designer, gravitated to Fuller's work while researching his own furniture design projects. "His name kept coming up," Gerst says. "I'd always known the name, but not much about him. I dove in."
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A Mobile Dormitory
From Gerst's text: "In the early 1930s, Bucky designed a version of the Dymaxion House as a shelter for the migrant farmers in Russia...He decided he would design something that could utilize the main local material, which was wood. The floor was rope and packed with grass..."
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Shelter Mag
Fuller's short-lived magazine Shelter showcased his ideas via drawings by collaborator Isamu Noguchi.
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The Dymaxion Car
Hiring mechanics from a Rolls Royce factory idled by the Great Depression, Fuller prototyped a three-wheeled car with a wooden frame and aluminum skin.
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Buckminster Fuller's World Map
The inventor's "Airocean" map, based on a matrix of interlocking triangles, corrected the distortions of traditional map projections and focused on the strategic importance of the Arctic.
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Dome, Sweet Home
Today, Fuller is best-known for the geodesic dome, a concept famously realized by Los Angeles architect Bernard Judge.
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Fuller designed a dome-based greenhouse for the Missouri Botanical Garden.
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A Floating City
Fuller imagined self-contained, floating cities.
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