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Tripods: Tibbets sold these custom-built tripods to help fund the construction of the C.S. Tere.
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Elephants Back: Inspired by Salvador Dali's painting "Temptation of St. Anthony", this metal sculpture weighs over 180 pounds and features thousands of light combinations.
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Chess Board: Made from a 100-year-old boilerplate, this chess set uses magnets to hold the pieces securely on the board's unique curved surface.
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OrbObject: This shade shelter, built for the 2004 Burning Man Festival, weighed over 1000 pounds and took eight people more than 100 man-hours to construct.
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Disco Chicken: This rhombic dodecahedron chicken, crafted by Tibbets in 2009, features lighted eye sockets that change color to the beat of whatever music is playing.
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Fractured Series: This 3-piece art installation was crafted from a recycled bedframe and an out of commission horse trailer.
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