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Andorian Ambassador Shras (Kaebel Hashitani) and his aide, Thelev (Jaime Kirk), enjoy a few drinks aboard the Enterprise.
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Ambassador Gav (Dan Clark) stands tall in one of the more elaborate costumes.
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Ambassador Sarek (Paul Guinan) connects with his wife Amanda (Anina Bennett) and surprises Kirk by revealing that he is Spock’s father.
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Kirk breaks up a squabble between ambassadors Sarek and Gav while bad-ass sound man looks on.
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Captain Kirk (Adam Rosko in green) commands the USS Enterprise while Chekov (Ryan Castro), Spock (Jesse Graff) and Hadley (Ben Coleman) look on. Click below for a slideshow of the costumes, set, and production that makes Trek in the Park one of a kind.
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Kirk defends himself against an assassination attempt.
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Nurse Chapel (Tanya Smith) and Dr. McCoy (Paul Pistey) watch over a dual-operation involving Sarek and Spock.
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Sarek and Spock discuss and defend the logic of their Vulcan ways, much to the chagrin of the non-Vulcans on-stage and to the amusement of the audience looking on.
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The Trek in the Park cast takes a bow for the crowd.
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