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"Style and taste is so different and changing and evolving, and I really didn’t want to create just one logo... For me, the idea of having many different ways to represent Christopher David was really important."
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"Experience design is that idea of authoring an experience that’s unique and special and catered toward the user."
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"We were looking to create a unique space where people could, as consumers, be involved with different things that were helpful to them."
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"We really wanted the entire store to be an extension of a home."
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"When the customer comes into the store, we’re facing each one of their different senses: their sight, their sound, their touch, their smell, all of the different things to taste."
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"We get reactions: people walk in just saying, “Wow!”
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"A lot of the little found objects are things that are special for me. Each one has a little story."
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"I come from the corporate world, nothing to do with interior design at all. Knowing that was the case, I really wanted to have a store as an opportunity to showcase the things that we could do."
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"It was a matter of showcasing the eclectic taste that I have. Mixing modern with a little bit more traditional, mixing vintage with new, mixing high gloss with something rough, and all those sorts of different things."
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"Creating a store where you can come in and... buy a couple pieces that are really neat and special, that’s really important to me."
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It’s one thing to have just a furniture store, it’s one thing to just have a coffee shop or a floral shop. But putting all those things together made sense."
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