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Turtle Toys
The most basic of toys: a rubber band and spool propel these turtles across the floor. Handmade in China
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Painted Lanterns
These hand-painted silk lanterns look like they are from a bygone era – they remind us of Anna Magnani’s beautiful beer garden in The Fugitive Kind. Handmade in China
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Buddhist String
We found this wonderful multicolored woven string in the markets in China favored by the Buddhist community. Shanghai, China
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Temple Gods
Patty has collected these Taoist temple gods for many years. These charming folk-art figures often have a special prayer tucked in a secret compartment caved into the back. Collected in Southern China
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A love affair with Japan heightened our awareness of how adorable things become in miniature. These mini dice are less than ¼” – need we say more? Made in China
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Burmese Shrines
These little shrines are covered in hand applied gold leaf are found in every temple in Burma, but locally they are only at Cargo. Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)
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Japanese Signs
Japanese enamel advertising signs add a bold graphic touch to decorating. Some of our favorites advertise sake, soy sauce, mothballs, and light bulbs. Collected in Nagoya, Japan
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Ethnic Textiles
We can’t live without ethnic textiles! They add authenticity and interest in a way that fabrics manufactured by the yard cannot. We love them as wall hangings and bed coverings, or repurposed as pillows.
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Magical Powders
All-powerful Latin American powders: Protect against envy, achieved dominance over your man, and love potion #9. Collected in the markets in Antigua, Guatemala
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The World's Smallest Pocket Knife!!!
These itty bitty knifes are a hands-down favorite. And we have a running bet about if they could get through TSA… Made in Jodhpur, India
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Colorful Lacquer Furniture
Patty has filled Portland homes with colorful lacquered furniture for years, and each season Cargo takes on a new pallet! From small family-run factories in Southern China
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Indonesian Deer Heads
These wonderful carved wood deer heads guard Indonesian temples. Each one is lovingly carved and painted. Collected in Java and Sumatra
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Phillipine Santos
These wooden figures are carved by Nelly Enrique, a third generation Santo carver. The Santos are carved for Catholic churches, and will be dressed by the church to become the Saint of their choosing. Collected in Manila, Phillipines
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Japanese Katagami
Katagami are paper stencils used in Japan for dyeing textiles: made of multiple layers of thin washi paper, bonded with a glue extracted from persimmon, which makes a strong flexible brown colored paper. Collected in Kyoto, Japan
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