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Besaw’s Bacon-Avocado Sammy ($11) is a dream on a brioche bun: two perfectly fried eggs, bacon, tomato, avocado, and an herbed goat cheese spread. Plus, it’s served with Besaw’s fabulous garlicky home fries. 2301 NW Savier St; besaws.com
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Kenny and Zuke’s
The Big Shot Breakfast Sandwich ($9.45) from Kenny and Zuke’s is a classic pastrami sandwich, plus scrambled eggs. Simple enough, but with pastrami this good, who needs anything complicated? 1038 SW Stark St; kennyandzukes.com
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The Breakfast Sandwich ($10) at Redwood is proof that anything is acceptable breakfast food if you put an egg on it. The tender roasted pork shoulder, rouille, and arugula salad on ciabatta would be more than adequate at lunch or dinnertime; but with the addition of fried eggs, it becomes the breakfast of champions. 7915 SE Stark St; redwoodpdx.com
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Shut Up And Eat
There’s a reason they want you to stop talking: you won’t be able to multi-task when trying to fit this skyscraper of a sandwich in your mouth. Unbelievably, this version of the bacon egg and cheese ($6.50), stacked high with delicious garlicy spinach on SUAE’s perfectly oversized English muffins, somehow manages to stay intact the whole meal. 3848 SE Gladstone St; shutupandeatpdx.com
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Big-Ass Sandwiches
If you’ve got a terrible hangover but still believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the Big-Ass Breakfast Sandwich ($9.50) from Big-Ass Sandwiches is for you. It’s a ciabatta roll overloaded with your choice of sausage or bacon, eggs, and the cart’s signature fries in bechamel cheese sauce. 304 SE 2nd Ave and 4233 N Mississippi Ave; bigasssandwiches.com
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Lovejoy Bakers
Sometimes simpler really is better. That’s certainly the case with the Lovejoy Deluxe ($6.50), which stuffs bacon, a fried egg, friseé, and bleu cheese into the Pearl District bakery’s delicious ciabatta. You really don’t need anything else. 939 NW 10th Ave; lovejoybakers.com
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If a morning repast of animal products between bread doesn’t make you feel on top of the food chain, then the Mary Had A Little Lamb ($8)—emphasis on the “had”—might just do the trick: it’s a lamb sausage patty with squash puree, brussels sprouts, and a fried duck egg on a house made English muffin. Or, try the Brother Bad Ass ($9), featuring maple glazed pork belly, for a more carnivorous take on the bacon egg and cheese. 48th and Woodstock; facebook.com/Yolk
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Portland Penny Diner
This casual counter from the Vitaly Paley empire celebrated our fair city’s love of the unique with the PDXWT ($4.50), perhaps the most out-there combination of sandwich fillings under five bucks: duck bologna, sauerkraut, egg, coffee mayo, and American cheese. 410 SW Broadway; portlandpennydiner.com
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Bunk's breakfast sandwich ($6) is the ultimate classic formula, executed perfectly. Your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage comes with a fried egg and Tillamook cheddar cheese on a New England style hard roll made especially for Bunk by Fleur de Lis Bakery. 621 SE Morrison and 211 SW 6th Ave; bunksandwiches.com
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