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Brunch Box
Brunch Box offers a wide array of breakfast sandwiches; shown here is the Lumberjack ($7), a meat lover’s dream with bacon, sausage and ham, as well as fried eggs, cheddar and grilled onions, drizzled in maple syrup and served on french toast. 620 SW 9th; brunchboxpdx.com
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The Big Egg
The Big Egg cart offers several delicious breakfast sandwiches and wraps, but the seasonal special Monte Cristo ($8.50) has a devoted, cult-like following. And with good reason: an over-medium egg, gorgonzola cheese, applewood smoked ham, and maple glaze, all on vanilla-cardamom brioche french toast and topped with powdered sugar. 4233 N. Mississippi Ave; thebigegg.com
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Meat Cheese Bread
With that name, you might assume this Stark Street sandwich shop would stick to the basics. But they don’t just eschew tradition, they beat it up and leave it crying in the corner with the Maple ($7.50), a sandwich that’ll do just the same to your morning hunger pangs. A house maple sausage patty, spicy cheddar, and caramelized fennel between two slices of griddled bread pudding makes for outside-the-box thinking that you’ll want inside your tummy. 1406 SE Stark St.; meatcheesebread.com
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PBJ's Grilled
PBJ'S Grilled is famous for its creative twists on the classic kiddie lunch, and the Good Morning ($6.50) does not disappoint. Cart-made peanut butter, applewood bacon, maple syrup, vibrant blueberry jam, and an egg ooze invitingly from between two slices of French toast. SE 12th Ave & Hawthorne Blvd; pbjsgrilled.com
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Flavour Spot
Chicken and waffles is already basically a perfect food. You know this, and so do the fine folks at Flavour Spot, who’ve gone and made it even perfect-er by taking away the need for utensils. Their secret weapon, though, is the honey and whipped butter topping, intensifying the glorious marriage of salty and sweet. 2310 N Lombard St and 810 N Fremont St; flavourspot.com
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The Egg Carton
The Foster-Powell neighborhood’s unofficial sandwich, the FoPo Cristo ($7), updates the traditional French-toast sandwich with both Canadian and domestic bacon, and the one-two punch of sweet and spicy mustard and strawberry jam. 5925 SE Foster Rd; eggcartonpdx.com
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