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Blurred road sign in Northern Wyoming on Interstate 80. My lens was broken and filled with sand for a portion of the trip, forcing me to shoot these dreamlike landscapes. I find the look to be an appropriate representation of my experience walking through the desert.
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The clouds over the desert near Lovelock, NV
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Sun-bleached and withered carcass of a deer found in Northern Nevada. Dehydration and lack of shade drove me to hallucination, and during my almost near death experience, I spotted that deer. It was almost a reflection of my inner thoughts and worries at the time.
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Journal: "Day No. 75, 96°F, Interstate 80, Northern Nevada between Lovelock and Bottle Mountain. Today was the first day in which I truly thought I was going to die..."
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My pack outside Elko, NV
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Self portrait in the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. In a moment of rest and reflection, I decided to turn the camera around and hang it from a rusty mileage marker sign.
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Car in motion on Interstate 80. This was my daily home for most of the trip. I often took refuge under these underpasses, as they provided shelter from the sun and weather.
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Winterset, Iowa. The town square courthouse was under construction. My entire family on my dad's side is from/lives here. It’s the birthplace of John Wayne.
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Another surreal/dream-like landscape. A Sunset in the Sandhills of Nebraska, near the small town of Sutherland. There is a large gap in cell phone coverage with any provider, as there is nothing but sand and grass. I stayed with a woman who grew up in the hills themselves and attended a one-room schoolhouse in the late 70's.
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A young girl in Chicago, Illinois, shows off her juggling skills. I volunteered with my couch surfing host's nonprofit while staying with her in North Chicago. It is called Circ-Esteem. It’s an inner city program teaching circus skills to youth and seeking to provide a safe environment for homework and after school hang outs.
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I reach the Atlantic Ocean after five months of walking. I end up in Coney Island, surrounded by Hasidic families on holiday.
Image: Ira Lippke
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Older man with holographic glasses at Occupy Wall Street in New York.
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A diner in New London, Connecticut
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Tree in fall, on the grounds of Norwich State Hospital, near Preston, Connecticut. Anthony (my best friend/support vehicle driver) and I "gained entry" into the guarded grounds of this mental hospital. The hospital was founded in 1809 and housed the criminally insane. It was self-sufficient at one point, housing a 300-seat theater, bakery, and machine shop among countless barracks and brutalist structures.
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The kitchen at Occupy Providence in Rhode Island
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