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This is what my alarm clock looks like. Raffi, my cat, usually wakes me up for work around 6.30am. Not gonna lie – I love coming home to her after a hard day at the office.
All images courtesy of Emma McIlroy
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While I’m checking my emails and social channels, I spot these two babes in the news rocking our stuff: Kate Mara and Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches.
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Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches
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I put important lessons up on my wall, so I take them in by osmosis without even knowing. Right now I spend a lot of time thinking about people – how to recruit best talent, how to motivate them and how to keep them. Motivating others is key.
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I’ve got a big presentation to give this morning to about 250 people.
I love public speaking and have done it a lot. My secret tip? I always listen to a really happy tune before I present. The Jackson 5, I want You Back is my go-to.
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Me speaking at Oregon Entrepreneurs Network. OEN kindly invited me to speak at their ‘School Of Hard Knocks’ Start-Up summit. The theme presented an obvious opportunity to incorporate Run DMC, The Game, and Gang Starr into my talk.
Not sure the audience was ready for it.
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Wildfang is a family. So much of our brand is built from the people who work here and the passion they bring to work every day. We try to feature everyone from the team in our marketing and bring them to life for our community.
Today we are running a feature on ‘What’s in your bag?’ featuring me! Admittedly my bag looks like it belongs to someone who likes to raise a little hell……whiskey, cigars, Cadburys, boxing gear and a pocket knife. What can I say?
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There’s no point spending a lot of time building a business plan in start-up, because it changes so often. We didn’t plan to make our own product in year 1 – but our consumer wanted it, so we found a way to make it happen.
Today we are approving the final embroidery samples for our July collection – and it looks so good. This is one of the most magical parts of the job – seeing something built from scratch by the talented people on your team.
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This is a pretty typical scene at my desk. I am fuelled by Irish Breakfast tea and PBR. If it wasn’t for caffeine and alcohol, I’d never get any work done.
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Nothing significant can be achieved without passion … and a bloody amazing team. Wildfang has both. Every day around 3 pm you’ll see us break out some PBRs – because this team works harder than any I’ve ever met.
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Being CEO can sometimes be a little lonely. You do a lot of really hard stuff you don’t want to do – from firing friends to putting in late hours at the weekend. Make sure you’ve got a really big mission to believe in. Make sure you’re changing the world.
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I love cooking but most nights I don’t have the time or the energy. Pyro Pizza cart is the best pizza in Portland and probably provides my dinner four nights per week.
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I’m looking after Julia’s dog this weekend. Agyness Beatrice Scout the Dog is my God Dog and also our office dog.
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Being a CEO of a start-up is a 24/7/365 job. Tonight one of our favorite new artists, Banks, is in town. Banks grabbed the headlines this year as a break-thru artist – she also grabbed some of our gear to rock on her latest tour.
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Your work family becomes some of your best friends. You share the highs and the lows. Two of my favorite ladies come to see Banks with me – Sugar Ambrosio and Taralyn Thuot (Wildfang’s Creative Director). Having good people around you is vital for sanity
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I’ve come dangerously close to burning out and now I’m incredibly protective of my Saturdays. Today the sun is out and I’ve decided to do 3 of my favorite things at once: eat tons of amazing food from New Seasons, drink Prosecco and fall asleep in the sun
Mission complete.
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