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Portland Monthly chronicles, challenges, and celebrates one of America’s most innovative cities, inspiring readers to explore and shape the vibrant metropolis we call home.

Portland Monthly is published by SagaCity Media Inc, a multimedia company with magazines constituting its core business. In addition to our proprietary titles, we maintain a thriving custom media and Web business. Our goal as a local media company is to create community by providing an authoritative voice and a public forum for the metropolitan areas of Seattle and Portland as well as special interest groups throughout the Northwest, from tourism to bridal and from design to golf. We are also dedicated to effecting positive change within our markets through our fundraising efforts and in-kind donations for the nonprofit community.

Current Publications

Portland Monthly

    President & Founder
  • Nicole Vogel
    Associate Publisher
  • Carrie Hinton
  • Executive Editors
    Rachel Ritchie, Zach Dundas
  • Art Directors
    Michael Novak, Kate Madden
  • Editor at Large
    Randy Gragg
  • Arts & Culture Editor
    Aaron Scott
  • Senior Editor
    Kelly Clarke
  • Food Editor & Critic
    Karen Brooks
  • Associate Editor
    Marty Patail
  • Copy Editor
    Margaret Seiler
  • Style Editor
    Eden Dawn
  • Web Editor
    Allison Jones
  • Web Producer
    Julie Reposa
  • Contributing Writers & Editors
    Brian Barker, Jonathan Frochtzwajg, Benjamin Tepler
    Production Manager
  • Scott Weber
  • Marketing & Sales Director
    Jess Sword
  • Senior Account Executives
    Chris Healy, Carol Hershey
  • Account Executives
    Penny Williams, Chris Hawley, Devin Gustafson
  • Sales & Production Coordinator
    Greta Hogenstad
  • Marketing Events Manager
    Connie Apa
  • Marketing Designer
    Brittany Moody

Sagacity Media Inc Staff

    President & Founder
  • Nicole Vogel
  • SVP, Editorial & Operations
  • Bill Hutfilz
  • Audience Development Manager
    Becca Hersh
  • Director of Digital & Print Publishing
    Claire McNally
  • Digital Sales & Promotions Coordinator
    Nina Feldman
  • Director of IT
    Jimmy Fecteau
  • Human Resources Manager
    Donna Goddu, PHR
  • Assistant Controller
    Beth Borland
  • Accountant
    Stephanie Miranda-Dumas
  • Accounts Receivable Staff Accountant
    Heather Goguen
  • Newsstand Consultant
    Alan Centofante
    Regional Sales Office
  • Hawaii
    Debbie Anderson