Sok Sab Bai

Editor’s Pick



A pop of aromatic spices, fish sauce funk, and charcoal-grilled meats greet you on the porch of a converted craftsman duplex in the heart of the Clinton neighborhood. Inhale more deeply, beyond the lemongrass and chile heat, to discover a cuisine deep in freshwater fish, fruit, kroeung, and gingery galangal root. Welcome to Sok Sab Bai, a Cambodian spot with a fresh perspective on Southeast Asian cuisine. Former food-cart owners Nyno Thol and Tina Sanchez update Khmer traditions, delivering the likes of glazed pork-belly bun, catfish custard wrapped in banana leaves, and soups built on restorative broths. Khwsa ko sausage, tasting like a hot dog from heaven, arrives over rice with spicy house-pickled mustard greens and jalapeños.

Last updated: 07/31/2013