Slappy Cakes

Editor’s Pick

$$ Breakfast


Fry your own pancakes on a tabletop grill? With kids? Sounds like a lawsuit in the making. The ingenious Slappy Cakes, however, adds a smart dose of Portland cool to the DIY concept, resulting in slam-packed weekend crowds. Think postindustrial ceilings, Stumptown coffee and local Foxfire tea, a surprisingly ambitious bar (a Pimm’s cup with house-grown muddled thyme!), and an all-day breakfast menu that stretches beyond flapjacks. But most folks are here for the Easy-Bake–meets–performance art family show: pick a batter (options include gluten-free and vegan, of course), choose your sweet or savory fixins (blueberries to butterscotch chips to crispy bacon), and flip the switch on your table’s built-in griddle. Just take care not to let your progeny sear themselves.

Last updated: 10/03/2013