Editor’s Pick

$$$ Wine Bars/Small Plates


Ración’s recipe for molecular gastronomy made friendly looks like this: a hide-nothing kitchen, a chatty, food-loving staff, and a chorizo-infused margarita crowned in sea salt foam. A wrap-around, 15-seat chef’s counter ensures a peek at the action, and the cooking packs a modernist punch. Malt vinegar powder dresses addictive salt cod chicharróne. Ginger-spiked marshmallows float in almond gazpacho. But highbrow dusts and foams are mostly just playful flourishes for lusty, Spanish-inflected food. As part of the easy vibe, diners are encouraged to split the five-course tasting menu. Or dabble in a small, changing collection of à la carte raciónes, perhaps deep-fried sweetbreads or octopus a la plancha. Show a little interest, and the chefs will gab your ear off. Or contemplate your food and keep to yourself. But where’s the fun in that?

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Last updated: 07/31/2013