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The charcuterie list shares the impressive salumi and sausages with the original Olympic Provisions in industrial Southeast, but the Northwest Portland branch is a completely different animal, with its own feel and flavors. Chef Colin Stafford makes his statement with a small and addictive repertoire of European and American dishes, pickled bites, seasonal soups, and salads. Laid-back entrées include rotisserie chicken, plump and juicy with crackling golden skin, and the fantastic, fire-flecked link of OP’s chorizo Rioja, sitting alongside poached albacore tuna in a broth full of fresh shell beans and bitter Basque peppers. The best dessert plays off OP’s charcuterie obsession: a bittersweet chocolate “salami,” pockmarked with cookie crumbs, pistachios, and orange zest, then coated in powdered sugar to emulate the meaty version.