Nuvrei Patisserie & Café

Editor’s Pick

$ Dessert, Sandwiches/Deli, Bakeries


With Nuvrei, Marius Pop brings thoughtful sandwiches and salads to pair with his signature French treats in the Pearl District. Nuvrei Pâtisserie & Café is small and bright, with a Scandinavian edge, and the hustle of hungry patrons grabbing buttery croque monsieurs and macarons from behind a glass display case feels like a crowded Manhattan lunch rush. Pop’s impressive pastries have populated innumerable Portland coffeehouses for some time, and the café serves those same sweet goodies, but bright, gushing macarons and a fresh wave of browned, malty “mauricette” pretzel breads now deserve attention as well. The outstanding baked goods make their way onto the sandwich menu—holding locally made bratwurst slathered in mustard and globs of creamy melted brie, or a flaky croissant cradling avocado and bay shrimp tossed with apricot crème fraîche. In a neighborhood with limited middle ground between Whole Foods and sit-down dining for lunch, this is one of the best midday finds in the Pearl District.

Last updated: 10/22/2012