Interstate & Killingsworth | From N Overlook to Ainsworth Streets and east to Albina Avenue

Median home price
$311,000 (Humboldt) $262,000 (Overlook)
Average days on market
58 | 46
Inventory supply*
1.2 months | 1.7

one-time automobile arterialit was part of the route from Portland to Seattle—N Interstate Avenue owes its renaissance to another form of transportation: light-rail. Spurred by the launch of the Yellow Line in 2004, Interstate soon saw some of its shabby-but-not-so-chic roadside motels ripped out and replaced with new shops and services. There’s still plenty of neon, but now it’s joined by Stumptown Coffee (at Black Cat Café and Pub), arguably the city’s best buffalo wings (Fire on the Mountain), and affordable housing (the Prescott Project, a 155-unit apartment building slated to open in early 2014). Young couples  and families (as well as workers at the nearby Adidas HQ) flocked here in the early ’00s ... and continue to. “The target market for the [Corso] apartments will be households aged from 20 to 40 years old, earning between $25,000 and $75,000 per year,” states real estate consultancy firm Johnson Reid’s 2011 market analysis for the Corso Apartments, currently under construction at Interstate and Sumner. As Interstate’s cool quotient has grown, so too have pocket communities along its edges. To wit: Albina and Sumner, where so-good-and-so-secret-we-don’t-want-to-tell-you bakery Sweedeedee, Cherry Sprout Produce, Red Fox Bar, Mississippi Records, and the Portland Modern Art Museum all hum in hipster harmony. But if you want a ticket on the NoPo train, you’ve got to be quick. Inventory is under two months, reports real estate agent Nick Krautter of Keller Williams. That’s partly because the neighborhood, with its quaint Craftsmans, large lots, and picturesque sunset views, is so small. But it’s also because of what a 15-minute ride from downtown on the Yellow Line delivers you to: two grocery stores, a developing food scene, and more house for your money than in many other parts of the city. Better find your way fast.

Living Here

Where you shop: Overlook Farmers Market (May–Oct) and New Seasons
Morning buzz: Sweedeedee 
Date night: Miho
For the dogs: Overlook Park
Commute time**: 20 minutes on the Yellow Line MAX
Walkability score: 73 | 34
Schools: Beach PK–8 | Jefferson
Coming soon: Three new apartment projects arrive this year: the 155-unit Prescott Project, the 46-unit Corso, and the chic 30-unit Jarrett Street Lofts.

 * Inventory supply figures provided by Keller William's Nick Krautter, based on the previous six months of sales.
** All commute times listed are via mass transit to Pioneer Courthouse Square.