North Pearl and Slabtown | North of NW Northrup Street and west to 23rd Avenue

Median Home Price
$376,650 | $390,000
Average Days On Market
145 | 85
Inventory Supply*
3.6 months | 2.5

Boomers looking to downsize flooded the Pearl’s early market, attracted by handy transit options, proximity to performance venues, and chic, sleek condos. But as the gleaming, glass-fronted buildings march ever northward, the Pearl’s landscape has become increasingly attractive to citizens less, shall we say, seasoned. For example, the Ramona Apartments, which debuted in 2011 as one of the Pearl’s first experiments in family-oriented housing with its own school and affordable rents, now boasts children—most under 10—in more than half of its 138 units. The completion of the Fields Park at Overton and 10th gives condo-bound youngsters a place to somersault out their Saint Cupcake highs, while Childpeace Montessori offers another educational option, and a growing number of restaurants (Breken Kitchen, Olympic Provisions NW, and the Bent Brick) give Mom and Dad plenty of ways to tap into Portland’s culinary scene without having to cross the bridge. And while no one is saying much about new condo development (“I am beginning to at least hear the word again,” notes Phil Morford, founder of Civitas Development), a host of new apartment projects are already well under way. The 179-unit Savier Street Flats opened last month, and both the Parker Apartments at 12th and Pettygrove and Slabtown Flats at 20th and Raleigh have shovels in the ground. The rentals serve a different income level, Ramona developer Ed McNamara points out, which could shift further the area’s demographics. And New Seasons will be right there to serve them: the local chain plans to open its 13th Oregon store at 21st and Raleigh in 2014.   

Where you shop: Mio Seafood Market and Safeway

Morning buzz: Smith Teamaker

Date night: Olympic Provisions NW

For the dogs: The Fields Park

Commute time**: 10 minutes on the streetcar

Walkability score: 78 | 66

Schools: Chapman | West Sylvan | Lincoln

Coming soon: New Seasons at 21st and Raleigh in spring 2014


* Inventory supply figures provided by Keller William's Nick Krautter, based on the previous six months of sales.

** All commute times listed are via mass transit to Pioneer Courthouse Square.