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Thumbnail for - TBA Review: Mariano Pensotti
Sep 20, 2013
Day 9: The Argentinian's public work is an extreme act of people watching and observation. Thru Sept 22
Thumbnail for - TBA: Mid-Fest Field Notes
Sep 19, 2013
TBA is like a mack truck of art barreling through the city with no breaks. We recap what's happened and look forward to the best still to come. Thru Sept. 22
Thumbnail for - TBA: Peter Burr at the Works
Sep 14, 2013
Day 2: Like some electronic shaman, Burr took us on a multimedia vision quest.
Thumbnail for - Red Dress Party Slide Show
May 8, 2013
The bedazzled local institution drew 1000+ revelers in every frock imaginable. Here are our favorites.