Tanya Naylor

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Thumbnail for - Summertime: The Living Is Easy
Jul 18, 2012
There are still tasks that need tending, but for the most part, gardeners can enjoy a well-deserved respite in August.
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May 20, 2011
The brothers McMenamin extend the same care and devotion to tending their gardens as they do their taps.
Thumbnail for - The Perfect Party
May 20, 2011
We'd break out the good china for these local dignitaries—except Sheela.
Thumbnail for - Plantwise: What’s Growing this Month
May 20, 2011
Dust off your hoe and get thee to the garden!
Thumbnail for - The Perfect Party
Apr 22, 2011
This month’s spread of in-the-know dinner guest we’d like to rub elbows with include Sergio Palleroni, Junki Yoshida, a “bro” and a “hipster," Jeff Stuhr, and Naomi Pomeroy.