Roxanne Myslewski

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Thumbnail for - The Defender
Oct 18, 2012
Chelsea Putnam is flying high in Ultimate Frisbee.
Thumbnail for - Dora: A Headcase <em>By Lidia Yuknavitch</em>
Aug 23, 2012
Oregon author Lidia Yuknavitch utilizes "the scary teenage girl" as a razor-edged scalpel for dissecting what it means to be categorized, typed, and diagnosed.
Thumbnail for - Power Play
Aug 23, 2012
Portland’s City Council inspires performance art.
Thumbnail for - PDX Index: Gardens
Mar 23, 2012
PDX Index digs up the dirt on the business and science of gardening.
Thumbnail for - Munch Monster
Mar 23, 2012
Got a monstrous case of the munchies? This verdant vending machine is the answer.