Roxanne Davis

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Thumbnail for - Portland's Popcorn Power Ranking
Oct 1, 2013
We rounded up Portland's artisanal popcorn offerings—from a tub of cart-popped maple bacon puffs to caramel corn loaded with chai spices—to pick the best (and worst).
Thumbnail for - Classic Wines Auction Fall Dinners
Sep 25, 2013
Seventeen local restaurants and nineteen top-shelf wineries team up to benefit local charities for the auction's 30th anniversary
Thumbnail for - Indoor Sports for Outdoor People
Sep 24, 2013
If the Portland rain is keeping you from your favorite outdoor exercise routines, try these indoor variations—all of which are way more fun than the treadmill
Thumbnail for - Urban Winery Harvest Events
Sep 24, 2013
Portland's urban wineries open their doors—and a few bottles—for the 2013 harvest season
Thumbnail for - Trail Blazing in Salem
Sep 13, 2013
This month, The Oregon Trail comes to life in a live-action role play game in Salem
Thumbnail for - The Sunny Side of Lasagna
Sep 12, 2013
In Put an Egg on It, local cookbook author Lara Ferroni takes the humble egg to the next level.
Listing 11 - 16 of 16 Results