Robert Runyon

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Thumbnail for - Chappelle’s Show: PDX
Jan 26, 2010
Last night, more than two thousand Portlanders turned out in Pioneer Courthouse Square to see enigmatic comic Dave Chappelle. Only fifty of us really heard what he had to say. How do thousands of...
Thumbnail for - Music Review: American Gong by Quasi
Jan 19, 2010
After a four year layoff from their previous album, Quasi returns with a new bassist and a more studied sound.
Thumbnail for - Portland Googled
Dec 2, 2009
Yesterday, Google released its Zeitgiest 2009 list, featuring diverse categories such as fastest rising and falling image searches and name searches, most searched member of the Senate, most...
Thumbnail for - Regular Joe
Nov 19, 2009
Itching to learn more about Joe Sacco after our Q&A? Here's our slideshow retrospective on the career of Portland's favorite comics journalist.
Thumbnail for - Good Vampire Hunting
Nov 11, 2009
After filming Twilight in the Rose City, its two sequels New Moon and Eclipse moved north of the border to film factory Vancouver, BC. Now, teen vampire idol Robert Pattinson wants to make amends...
Thumbnail for - Northwest Film and Video Festival Preview
Nov 6, 2009
Tonight, the Northwest Film and Video Festival, one of Portland’s premier film festivals, er…premieres with its screening of the first set of short films, and continues through for the next nine...
Thumbnail for - Brain Train
Oct 29, 2009
This zombie baby brings to mind questions of the types of formula one feeds to undead infants. You could probably find them in Europe. Brain puree? Image: Kerosene Rose, Kerosene...
Thumbnail for - Text Me
Oct 14, 2009
  Here are a few secrets to preparing a proper literary costume: 1. Puns. 2. Uh, puns. 3. And … hmm … puns. Saturday night marked the fusion of the two biggest events in Portland this past...
Thumbnail for - Sounds Like Team Spirit
Sep 30, 2009
Two-time All-Star and MVP candidate Brandon Roy describes the team’s development: "We’re not going through the learning process anymore." Image: Kerosene Rose The unofficial...
Thumbnail for - Get Schooled
Sep 30, 2009
Even though the PNCA exhibit at the Portland Art Museum has closed (moment of silence), we still have the luck in October to see some great work from the college, as galleries across the city...
Listing 1 - 10 of 24 Results