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Thumbnail for - TBA: Campagnie Nacera Belaza
Sep 20, 2013
Day 8: The French-Algerian choreographer's dance asks a lot of the audience, but rewards with its rigorous trance. Thru Sept 22
Thumbnail for - TBA Review: Third Angle New Music
Sep 18, 2013
Day 6: As the music rises, spins, and scatters in pitch darkness, it's easy to imagine what it's like to fly with the swifts. Thru Sept 19
Thumbnail for - TBA: Linda Austin/David Eckard
Sep 16, 2013
Day 4: Two local TBA veterans team up for the first time in a risky effort at fusing dance and sculpture. Thru Sept. 18
Thumbnail for - Introducing Our New Editors
Sep 3, 2013
Meet Portland Monthly's executive editors Rachel Ritchie and Zach Dundas.
Thumbnail for - Fall Arts Preview: The New Class
Sep 3, 2013
Introducing the city's new wave of acclaimed arts leaders, along with our picks for the season's best shows.
Thumbnail for - Visionary Photographer Robert Adams Turns His Lens on Oregon
Sep 3, 2013
A new exhibition explores how the legendary landscape photographer portrays a changing west—and his own convictions.
Thumbnail for - First Look: PNCA’s ArtHouse
Aug 29, 2013
The Powell Family and PNCA build a well-lit dorm, inside and out. It will also house the boutique TOC and a new all-ages arts cafe. Review + Slide Show
Thumbnail for - The Portland Pulitzers
Aug 1, 2013
As the Oregonian sheds reporters and editors*, we bestow the first (and last) awards for the journalistic voices Portland will miss.
Thumbnail for - The Father of Oregon's State Parks
Aug 1, 2013
How Samuel Boardman preserved—and created—Oregon's statewide green spaces
Thumbnail for - Review: Lucy Skaer at Yale Union (YU)
Jul 30, 2013
The decorated UK sculptor’s impossibly long titled show is YU’s most ambitious yet. But does it come up short? Thru Sept 12
Listing 31 - 40 of 211 Results