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Thumbnail for - North Pearl: Going Up?
Apr 2, 2014
The Pearl District's north end is shaping up to house some of the tallest housing projects in Portland history.
Thumbnail for - Lloyd District: Ecotopia
Apr 2, 2014
With a new lush public plaza and major face-lift for the aging mall, Portland’s first “ecodistrict” will be a lean, green, sustainable machine.
Thumbnail for - Orenco Station: Westward Expansion
Apr 2, 2014
A 20-year dream that this onetime nursery workers’ village would become a small city next to the MAX line is nearly fulfilled.
Thumbnail for - Four Buildings That Are Setting New Design Standards in Portland
Apr 2, 2014
Portland’s current multifamily housing boom is breeding some buildings to look forward to. Here are a few projects that each set new standards.
Thumbnail for - The Jade District: East Side, Redefined
Apr 2, 2014
Since the Vietnamese joint HA & VL opened near SE 82nd Avenue and Division Street eight years ago, everyone from local chefs to Bon Appétit has rated its soups among the best—anywhere....
Thumbnail for - Burnside Bridgehead: Designer's Disneyland
Apr 2, 2014
Portland's most adventurous architecture firms have imagine four new buildings for the crossroads of E Burnside Street and Grand Avenue.
Thumbnail for - Taking the Start-Up Scene from PDX to Gaza
Mar 3, 2014
Pierced, tattooed, and driven, Tom Sperry goes rogue in the world of Portland investing.
Thumbnail for - To Save or Not to Save: Is the Portland Building Better in Person or the Pictures?
Jan 13, 2014
As one of the most controversial buildings in Portland faces a $95-million overhaul, its place in our civic line of sight is called into question.
Thumbnail for - An Eco-Chic Passive House
Jan 2, 2014
After years of designing elaborate energy-efficiency systems, architect Jeff Stern turned to a simpler concept for his own home: the thermos.
Thumbnail for - 50 Moments That Shaped Portland
Dec 2, 2013
Our spin through Portland’s raucous 170 years reveals a city molded by punks and power brokers, by brilliant breakthroughs and a few heinous mistakes.
Listing 31 - 40 of 227 Results