Randy Gragg

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Aug 19, 2011
First Thursday celebrates 25 years of art walking.
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Aug 19, 2011
From theater and dance to a 16th-century masterpiece painting, the fall season of arts offerings is ripe with couples’ collaborations.
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Jul 22, 2011
WITH NEARLY 40 years retrospect, Carrie Jones can sound almost forgiving about the malicious, repeated abuse and sexual assaults she experienced during her two years in the US Army. “The...
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Jul 22, 2011
Influential gallery owner Elizabeth Leach has accomplished much in her 30-year career.
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Jun 29, 2011
Parks have always been a battle between expenses and aesthetics.
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May 20, 2011
NOT LONG AFTER Zari Santner arrived at her job as a planner for Portland Parks & Recreation 30 years ago, her boss sent her to deal with an untamed cluster of cottonwood trees on the east...
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May 19, 2011
The man tasked with designing the next big expansion at the Portland Japanese Garden talks of earthquakes and architecture.
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May 12, 2011
Over the last decade, Sarah Miller Meigs has quietly put together one of the region’s most thoughtful contemporary art collections. Now, for a rare public opening of her beautiful Pearl District...
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Apr 22, 2011
Food insecurity in Oregon has created a push for community-farming programs.
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Mar 29, 2011
Portland may be famous for its dining scene, its rich panoply of cultural offerings, and all the outdoors activities any body could master. But the locals know that richest part of living here is...
Listing 131 - 140 of 227 Results