Nicolle Clemetson

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Thumbnail for - Brian & Nikki Weaver
Sep 1, 2011
“I love her very much even though she makes out with other guys,” jokes Portland Playhouse artistic director Brian Weaver, casting a mischeivous glance at his actress wife Nikki as the two...
Thumbnail for - Jamey Hampton & Ashley Roland
Sep 1, 2011
Jamey Hampton’s drilling the BodyVox dancers through a set of steps, while his wife Ashley Roland rummages through potential costume pieces and tosses them onto the stage. Then Ashley takes the...
Thumbnail for - Fall Arts Preview 2011
Aug 19, 2011
From theater and dance to a 16th-century masterpiece painting, the fall season of arts offerings is ripe with couples’ collaborations.
Thumbnail for - Farm to Stage
Jun 29, 2011
A burgeoning butoh artist finds inspiration in her own backyard.
Thumbnail for - Gridiron Dreams
May 20, 2011
Amateur football in these parts sports a different kind of celebrity.
Listing 41 - 45 of 45 Results