Nicole Vogel

Inside the Inauguration Portland Monthly publisher and founder Nicole Vogel will be our eyes and ears on the ground (and our elbows at the bar) at the inauguration celebrations in Washington, DC. She’ll be attending the Green Ball (the most environment-friendly pre-inauguration gala, with Wyclef Jean headlining), where she’ll attempt to arrive via bicycle, wearing an evening gown; the Texas Ball, which the Bush family is expected to attend; and the Emily’s List Inaugural Luncheon for the women of the Obama administration, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Hilda Solis, and Nancy Pelosi. Nicole’s brother, Scott Vogel, travel editor of the Washington Post and founding editor of Portland Monthly, will pitch in on the blog, as will their mom, Lisa, if mom feels so moved. Bonus! During Tuesday’s inauguration ceremony, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, from Oregon’s 3rd District, will join the conversation by posting blogs of his own. Elected to the US House of Representatives in 1996, Congressman Blumenauer has carved out a unique role as Congress’ chief spokesperson for livable communities. Portland Monthly is thrilled to include his Portland point of view in our coverage of this historic national event.
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Thumbnail for - Newseum Gives a Fresh Perspective on History
Jan 19, 2009
Okay, I’ll say it: I’m exhausted from all the inaugural celebrations. I’m sure you’re thinking that you have the smallest violin for me. I’ll try to catch you up. Once we left the Capitol we...
Thumbnail for - The Capitol building is spit polished and ready to go!
Jan 18, 2009
We started our day at the center of it all: The Capitol building. She’s all dressed up and ready to go. The flags are perfectly positioned. The chairs are laid out in measured rows and the...
Listing 11 - 12 of 12 Results