Kristin Belz

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Thumbnail for - Power Pop! (Puddin’ and Otherwise)
Jul 13, 2011
What to do with that flat of strawberries so fragile and fresh they practically cook on the way home from the farmers’ market? Freeze them up into popsicles. Same goes for the other ultra-fresh...
Thumbnail for - Sew and Go!
Jul 12, 2011
Who hasn’t wanted to give a room an easy makeover with new curtains or pillows? Whether it’s because the season has changed, or the edges have frayed (I admit to patching dupioni silk pillows...
Thumbnail for - Summer Nights, Summer Lights
Jul 8, 2011
We know that in Portland, summer doesn’t really begin until after Independence Day (also known on my street as the Long Night of Loud Noises). So now that July is settling in, we finally have...
Thumbnail for - Kohlrabi is King
Jul 7, 2011
Farmers markets are great for widening our horizons of the vegetables that exist beyond what went from frozen boxes to our dinner plates when we were kids. Kohlrabi is one of those unsung...
Thumbnail for - Paris in Portland? Mais Oui!
Jul 1, 2011
Though I’m pleased as punch to live in Puddletown – and to be catching the baton for the At Home blog with this, my first post – sometimes I dream of places far away. Paris is one of those...
Listing 441 - 445 of 445 Results