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Thumbnail for - Time Travel Via the Old House Tour
Jul 10, 2013
Take the time machine back to the 1870s (and more recent history) in the Heritage Homes tour July 27.
Thumbnail for - A Pioneer Garden to Fill All Needs
Jul 8, 2013
The herbs growing at the Aurora Colony supplied doctors, cooks and mixologists alike.
Thumbnail for - Beer Bread for Beer Month
Jul 5, 2013
Toast up the easiest homemade bread ever as nourishment for beer festivities this July.
Thumbnail for - Making It In Portland
Jul 4, 2013
We compile a (necessarily incomplete) list of 15 favorite makers of Portland.
Thumbnail for - Not Too Cool for School
Jul 3, 2013
Design education is stepping into the big leagues in Portland; see proof at PSU's Made It exhibit.
Thumbnail for - Tile Times
Jul 1, 2013
From Clayhaus to your house, handmade, homegrown tiles.
Thumbnail for - Vegan Potato Salads to Last All Day
Jun 28, 2013
One potato, two potato, three potato four...salads that won't peter out at the picnic. No need for mayo.
Thumbnail for - Doghouses for Design Lovers
Jun 27, 2013
Dig these high-style dog domiciles, from DIY to intricately constructed international design contest winners.
Thumbnail for - White is Right At Home
Jun 26, 2013
We're reminded that design in the classic, clean color goes well with anything, anytime.
Thumbnail for - Tabletop "Boxcar" Planters
Jun 24, 2013
Chic and sleek, solid walnut or ash, these planters are made for your sculptural succulent favorites.
Listing 31 - 40 of 445 Results