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Thumbnail for - Eames: the architect and the painter
Dec 3, 2011
Usually we don’t go to the movies in this column, but – for anyone interested in design, at least – this flick is too good to let pass by. It’s a new documentary about the rightfully iconic...
Thumbnail for - Christmas Trees That Stay Alive
Nov 29, 2011
There are lots of ways to keep your holiday decorating festive and fun without being wasteful. With a little planning, you can even be environmentally and socially responsible to boot. TOLCTC is...
Thumbnail for - Browsing the Best of New York
Nov 28, 2011
Museums are great to visit for the art, but they’re also good for their gift shops, which offer a whole lot more than postcards these days. I was reminded of that not long ago on a trip to New...
Thumbnail for - Temporary Beauty
Nov 27, 2011
Art is such a personal thing, and purchasing an original piece can be a big step, to say nothing of spendy. And depending on your tastes, you may or may not find what you like at the local crafts...
Thumbnail for - Crafty Wonderland Returns
Nov 26, 2011
Thanksgiving is behind us, and thus the holiday season has officially begun. Which is not to say that the shopping season has begun, since as patriotic Americans we should all be consuming...
Thumbnail for - Lure of the Local
Nov 23, 2011
In 1948, Pietro Belluschi designed a modest masterpiece of the Northwest Regional style of modernism. Now his son Tony has restored and expanded it with a deft touch.
Thumbnail for - Milk Bar, By (Buy) the Book
Nov 22, 2011
Christina Tosi is a young Midwesterner who grew up baking and never stopped. Now she’s not only the baker and co-owner of the uber-hip (and highly publicized) Milk Bar bakeries in New York City...
Thumbnail for - Heath Speaks of the Hearth
Nov 21, 2011
Heath ceramic dinnerware seems like a synonym for “hearth.” It’s not just that the letter “r” is the only thing missing from the name to transform it. It’s the wholesome look and feel of the...
Thumbnail for - Seasonal Countdowns
Nov 20, 2011
I’m probably not the only one who can’t believe it’s “the holidays” already. I haven’t even adapted to the time change yet, let alone gotten ready for all the parties, gift-giving and home...
Thumbnail for - Home-baked But Not Home-made
Nov 18, 2011
Holiday season is a good excuse for sweets in my household – morning, noon and night. And there’s always room for pie – on the menu at Thanksgiving (after the turkey, of course), in my tummy no...
Listing 361 - 370 of 445 Results