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Thumbnail for - Pearl District Pastry Haven Nuvrei Gets a Tasty Makeover
May 22, 2015
Salads and sandwiches be gone: a treasure trove of meticulously crafted new pastries and a sleek makeover mark a new era for the Pearl bakery.
Thumbnail for - Local Radio Host and Laughing Planet Team Up to Resurrect Astoria’s Custard King
May 12, 2015
Road trip alert! KNRK 94.7 morning host Greg Glover to re-open 1950s-era frozen custard and burger stand on Astoria’s main drag this June.
Thumbnail for - Bloodies, Biscuits, and Tiny Horses: PoMo's Country Brunch, Recapped
May 7, 2015
A sell-out crowd devours Portland's hottest morning dishes and crowns Raven & Rose and Doug Fir the city's Bloody Mary champs at PoMo's annual Brunch party.
Thumbnail for - Kir Jensen's Sugar Cube Bakery Closing May 3
Apr 28, 2015
The longtime sugar-pusher says a bittersweet goodbye to her Alberta bakery and hints at a "higher calling" coming soon.
Thumbnail for - The Classic Portland Brunch Hall of Fame
Apr 27, 2015
These five stand-by restaurants may require a wait, but they're truly worth every minute.
Thumbnail for - How to Make the Perfect Brunch for a Crowd
Apr 27, 2015
Hosting brunch at home? You can prepare every single one of these dishes the night before. We make it easy—like Sunday morning.
Thumbnail for - Host the Best Brunch Around with a DIY Granola Bar
Apr 27, 2015
Start with a perfect homemade base, and the add-in options are endless. Stress-free brunch at home? Done and done.
Thumbnail for - Is Brunch in Portland Just a High-Calorie Spectator Sport?
Apr 27, 2015
Our Senior Editor shares the trials, tribulations, and unexpected bonuses of curating a list of the city's best brunches.
Thumbnail for - The 10 Best New Brunches in Portland
Apr 27, 2015
A bumper crop of delicious new brunches takes root in PDX, with global flavors and, just as important, no hours-long wait for tables—plus five more plates we can't resist.
Thumbnail for - "3 Things I Learned Opening A PDX Doughnut Shop in Japan"
Apr 24, 2015
Blue Star's Micah Camden reports from Tokyo on fancy donut mania, getting humbled by Japanese bakers, and why you ought to cover your tattoos before going to the gym.
Listing 1 - 10 of 90 Results