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Thumbnail for - Sunscreen for your Plants
Jul 1, 2013
How to xeriscape—or prepare your garden for the hot summer sun
Thumbnail for - Metal Planters, Made in the USA
Jun 24, 2013
A small Anchorage company makes stylish and economical modern planters, delivered free to your front door.
Thumbnail for - National Pollinator Week 2013
Jun 21, 2013
National Pollinator Week 2013 kicks off with a compelling local story underscoring the importance of avoiding the use - and misuse - of toxic insecticides
Thumbnail for - Designers Garden Tour 2013
Jun 17, 2013
Visit seven gardens on Portland’s west side for DIY design inspiration—or to find the perfect designer for your own garden.
Thumbnail for - A Dash of Basalt in Your Soil, Ma'm?
Jun 14, 2013
A locally produced rock offers a steady dose of minerals and trace elements to garden soil and containers. It might even make your tomatoes taste better!
Thumbnail for - Made for Shade: a Tough and Classy Planter
Jun 10, 2013
Plant this easy combo of good-looking, shade-tolerant plants in a shady pot.
Thumbnail for - A Gentle Giant: Gorgeous Geraniums
Jun 7, 2013
Made for shade, this super bionic looking, hot-pink geranium will inspire curiosity and plant lust!
Thumbnail for - Five Perfect Parking Strip Plants
Jun 4, 2013
Plant these drought tolerant and beautiful plants for an elegant parking strip garden with year-round interest
Thumbnail for - Plantwise: Bugs Can Be Your Friends
Jun 3, 2013
How to encourage beneficial insects in your garden
Thumbnail for - When To Plant Tomatoes
May 31, 2013
When is it the right time to plant tomatoes and other warm-weather veggies outside? There's an easy way to find out!
Listing 21 - 30 of 448 Results