Kate Bryant

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Thumbnail for - A Dazzling Portland Garden with Tropical Flair
Apr 27, 2015
Step inside the lush garden of a Northeast Portland landscape designer who created her own ever-changing oasis.
Thumbnail for - The Northwest's 8 Best Wildflower Hikes
Mar 26, 2015
Wildflower season is coming! Celebrate with some of our favorite floral displays in the region.
Thumbnail for - 8 Places to Find Locally-Grown Flowers for Valentine's Day
Jan 30, 2015
Portland florists design Valentine's Day posies and bouquets from locally-grown and organic flowers. Show them the love!
Thumbnail for - Plants of Peril
Oct 10, 2014
Head inside Portland’s pokiest, spikiest, spindliest backyard—but watch your fingers!
Thumbnail for - Is Your Garden Ready for Dose of Danger?
Jul 1, 2014
Decked out in spikes and spines, these perilous plants are water-friendly, beautiful, and just a little bit scary.
Thumbnail for - Sit Pretty with High-Design Outdoor Furniture
Jun 2, 2014
Tips for plotting the perfect garden living room (Adirondack lovers, beware!)
Thumbnail for - The Next Generation of Houseplants and Terrariums
Apr 2, 2014
Think outside the pot with these new design-savvy houseplant options.
Thumbnail for - How to Get Rid of Your Lawn
Oct 1, 2013
Ditch the grass in favor of garden beds and flowers—without breaking your back
Thumbnail for - Plantwise: Autumn Colors without Trees
Sep 3, 2013
How to bring the beauty of fall to your home garden, without the space-hogging branches.
Thumbnail for - Green on Green Garden Tour 2013
Aug 30, 2013
Get a sneak-peek into some rarely-seen home gardens in North Portland, including designs by one of Portland's premier landscape architects
Listing 1 - 10 of 452 Results