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Thumbnail for - Inside Le Pigeon's High-Flying Cookbook
Aug 16, 2013
Gabriel Rucker's new tome reveals stories and recipes from his James Beard Award-winning East Burnside kitchen.
Thumbnail for - Little T Baker Outpost to Open in Union Way
Aug 14, 2013
In late September, accomplished baker Tim Healea will roll the dice at Portland’s newest retail experiment, a curated tunnel of shops and micro-eateries stretching from SW Stark to Burnside.
Thumbnail for - The Ice Cream Sandwiches of Summer
Aug 7, 2013
For Lovely’s Fifty Fifty and Two Tarts Bakery, the ice cream sandwich isn’t just business—it’s personal.
Thumbnail for - Portland Chefs Collaborate on Gene Thiel Memorial Dinner
Aug 6, 2013
The late Gene Thiel helped feed Portland’s sense of place and cuisine. On Aug. 20, more than 30 top Portland chefs will stage a feast of food and community to honor an iconic farmer.
Thumbnail for - The Next Generation of Portland Food Carts
Aug 1, 2013
Meet the culinary missionaries at Picnic, Tiffin Asha, the Cheese Plate PDX, and Olé Latte serving up a new wave of cart cuisine.
Thumbnail for - New Details for Kristen Murray's "Pastry Luncheonette" Maurice
Jul 30, 2013
One of Portland's premier pastry chefs will showcase sweet and savory pastries, Moroccan meat pies and nightly "dessert cuisine" this fall.
Thumbnail for - Gene Thiel, 1936-2013
Jul 30, 2013
The potato whisperer and icon of the Portland Farmers Market has passed away, leaving his Prairie Creek Farm in Joseph, Oregon to his family.
Thumbnail for - Three Reasons to Love Ned Ludd
Jul 24, 2013
Portland's epicenter of quirkiness and farm-fresh intensity just keeps getting better
Thumbnail for - What You Need To Know About Roman Candle Bakery
Jul 3, 2013
Stumptown coffee lord Duane Sorenson bakes up ambition, artisan breads, and casual dining next door to Ava Gene’s, opening on Monday, July 8.
Thumbnail for - Modern Art
Jul 1, 2013
At Castagna, Justin Woodward is sending local food in a fresh direction—restrained, delicate, and dressed to kill.
Listing 41 - 50 of 240 Results