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Thumbnail for - Little Big Burger in SE!
Aug 10, 2011
Less than two months after bringing his modernist fast food concept to N Mississippi Avenue, burger man Micah Camden has inked a deal to open his third metro area Little Big Burger at 3806 SE...
Thumbnail for - Field Studies
Jul 22, 2011
Rural feasting on Sauvie Island is as good it gets.
Thumbnail for - Castagna’s Matt Lightner Moving to New York
Jul 1, 2011
It’s hard to say what has been most striking about Castagna over the past two years. The gutsy gamble to serve boldly original, botanically inspired cooking in a neighborhood where the biggest...
Thumbnail for - Wild Goose Farm: Hot Homestead Feasts
Jun 22, 2011
Last Sunday afternoon, 60 food lovers, families, a posse of French-speaking oenophiles, and a flock of L.A. refugees convened at long tables set with white linen, big white Ikea plates, bursting...
Thumbnail for - Bluehour Hires Spago Alum Thomas Boyce
Jun 22, 2011
Since arriving in Portland last summer with his baker-star wife Kim Boyce and an impressive resume from L.A.‘s famed Spago, local food watchers have waiting for Thomas Boyce to make his move. And...
Thumbnail for - Cathy Whims and ChefStable Team Up at New Oven & Shaker
Jun 13, 2011
French food isn’t king of the hill yet. Butter and bones may be back, on a big, comforting plate, but never underestimate the local appetite for pizza: wood-fired, farm-flavored, and topped with...
Thumbnail for - Café Castagna’s Lunch Finds
Jun 8, 2011
Café Castagna opened in 2002 as a drop-by, dress-down spin-off to the ambitious mothership next door. It turned out to be, in its own right, the prototype for the new neighborhood restaurant:...
Thumbnail for - Little Big Burger Gets Bigger
Jun 1, 2011
Micah Camden is taking his reimagined soda fountain to school. The savvy burger maestro—whose Pearl District prototype for modernist fast food has been a runaway hit—just signed a deal to open...
Thumbnail for - Wings of Victory
Jun 1, 2011
They’re the Odd Couple, the new anti-heroes of the James Beard awards, cooking complex creations from completely different impulses. Pok Pok’s driven-to-get-it-right Andy Ricker compulsively...
Thumbnail for - Bamboo Sushi to Open NW Branch
May 25, 2011
As Portland’s food scene trawls for the next seafood vision in a state that exports 80 to 90 percent of its catch elsewhere, Bamboo Sushi is making its own waves. Kristofer Lofgren was ahead of...
Listing 251 - 260 of 323 Results