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Thumbnail for - HA & VL Founders to Open New Vietnamese Soup Shop in Late June
May 26, 2015
At last, Rose VL Deli will serve the 82nd Avenue shop's iconic Asian soups—and more—for dinner on SE Powell.
Thumbnail for - 3 Things You Must Eat in Portland This June
May 26, 2015
Portland Monthly food critic Karen Brooks dishes on the restaurants, obsessions, and under-the-radar finds of the month.
Thumbnail for - The Rise of Portland's Iconoclastic Asian Cuisine
May 26, 2015
The city's new wave of Asian-inspired cooking is punk rock, adventurous, and delicious.
Thumbnail for - Why Josh Ozersky Was America's Most Original Food Writer
May 13, 2015
Local chefs and friends recall the life and times of meat evangelist Josh Ozersky, who moved to his beloved Portland before his untimely death on May 4.
Thumbnail for - Iconic Big Egg Cart Closing Sunday To Open Brick-And-Mortar
May 5, 2015
After this weekend, Portland’s temple to fried egg sandwiches will get a new lease on life: the just-closed Sugar Cube space on Alberta, opening late June.
Thumbnail for - Home at Last, Holdfast Blends Comfort and Avant Cuisine
Apr 27, 2015
The brick-and-mortar restaurant from former pop-up king Will Preisch plays the perfect stage for his modernist experiments.
Thumbnail for - What to Eat in Portland in May
Apr 27, 2015
A sushi-inspired cheese bar and an obsession-worthy peanut butter truffle bar
Thumbnail for - Toast Masters: The Best Loaded Artisan Breads for Brunching
Apr 27, 2015
The secret to a happy morning? Great bread with handcrafted extras.
Thumbnail for - The 10 Best New Brunches in Portland
Apr 27, 2015
A bumper crop of delicious new brunches takes root in PDX, with global flavors and, just as important, no hours-long wait for tables—plus five more plates we can't resist.
Thumbnail for - "3 Things I Learned Opening A PDX Doughnut Shop in Japan"
Apr 24, 2015
Blue Star's Micah Camden reports from Tokyo on fancy donut mania, getting humbled by Japanese bakers, and why you ought to cover your tattoos before going to the gym.
Listing 1 - 10 of 332 Results