Julian Smith

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Thumbnail for - The Man Reinventing Columbia Sportswear
Oct 16, 2012
In the lab with Woody Blackford, Columbia Sportswear's man for all seasons.
Thumbnail for - Afternoon Delights
Jun 15, 2012
Tell the boss you're working from home and take a tour of nearby nature.
Thumbnail for - Northern Stars
Jun 15, 2012
There's no shortage of dramatic destinations as you head north to Vancouver and Camas.
Thumbnail for - Southbound
Jun 15, 2012
Take a detour during your commute down I-5 South, and pay a visit to some enchanting green spaces in Oregon City and Milwaukie.
Thumbnail for - Jump Start
Oct 14, 2011
D. B. Cooper: the last great western outlaw—and counter-culture icon.
Thumbnail for - Trading Spaces
Dec 22, 2010
Evan Thomas, the director of PSU’s new Sustainable Water, Energy, and Environmental Technologies Lab, managed the design of a unit to monitor the International Space Station’s recycled water and...
Thumbnail for - Our Hero, Zero
Oct 11, 2010
Confluence hunting continues to grow as a favorite pass-time of latitude and longitude enthusiasts.
Thumbnail for - Cannonball Run
May 19, 2009
Mt Hood Meadows brings in heavy artillery to control avalanches.
Thumbnail for - The Danger Zone
May 19, 2009
EVER SINCE Mount St. Helens exploded 28 years ago this month, killing 57 people and covering 11 states with 540 million tons of ash, Northwesterners have cast a wary eye at jagged summits like...
Thumbnail for - Body Chemistry
May 19, 2009
WE OREGONIANS like to fancy ourselves a particularly healthy bunch. For example, Portland claims some of the country’s cleanest drinking water (Bull Run Watershed) and best air quality (No. 2 out...