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Thumbnail for - Trophy Case: May's Best Local Stuff
Apr 27, 2015
This month's hottest locally made goods for Mother's Day, from handmade GMO-free soy candles to moss and lichen-filled bangles.
Thumbnail for - How Hood River Students Help Run Their Super-Green School
Jan 27, 2015
An architectural lesson in earth science, where kids "eat their conservation vegetables before their solar cookies.”
Thumbnail for - Three Crucial Yoga Poses—and Why They Work
Nov 21, 2014
Michele Loew of Yoga Space deconstructs three familiar asana shapes, and what they can do for your whole body (and mind).
Thumbnail for - An International Ingredient from Oregon Farms Is Fostering Connection in Portland
Nov 3, 2014
How one convenience store teamed up with Willamette Valley growers for some teff love.
Thumbnail for - This Probiotic Crusader Wants You to Get Cultured
Jul 22, 2014
How OHSU's Dr. Robert Martindale initiated a “probiotic protocol” for every patient receiving antibiotics.
Thumbnail for - 4 Local Alt-Medicine Innovators
Jul 16, 2014
Meet a handful of locals blazing trails in complementary care.
Thumbnail for - Oregon's Olive Oil Barons
Nov 1, 2013
Portland expats send home southern Italy's liquid gold.
Thumbnail for - Portland Alternative Medicine Guide
Dec 20, 2012
As the nation's hotbed for education in natural medicine, Portland is a great place to get treated.
Thumbnail for - Greener Pastures
Oct 14, 2011
After four generations of raising cows, Carman Ranch teetered on the brink of bankruptcy. Now, after eight hard years of applying new science, old methods, and high idealism, 32-year-old Cory...
Thumbnail for - The Wildcrafter
Apr 22, 2011
After getting his start scouring the Oregon woods for mushrooms in the 1980s, Lars Norgren now supplies some of Portland’s top restaurants and farmers markets with edible fungi and weeds.
Listing 1 - 10 of 17 Results