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Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Mens Jackets
Oct 18, 2011
  The leaves are falling, the pumpkins are parked on the porch and the walks are starting to get chilly. It’s time to start thinking about outerwear. If you’re the handsome, casually stylish dude...
Thumbnail for - Grishley Video
Oct 17, 2011
Designer Amanda Grisham’s line, Grishley, just took home the title of Emerging Designer from this year’s Catapult competition. This video produced by OSU, gives a dig-deeper look into her creative...
Thumbnail for - Project Runway Recap: E.12
Oct 17, 2011
  We’re reaching the end of the race in Project Runway land. This week’s challenge determined who would get to be part of the final group showing in New York Fashion Week. At this point (9 seasons...
Thumbnail for - Gilding the City
Oct 14, 2011
Jewelry and accessory designer Betsy Cross's latest idea for earrings will keep us all hanging,
Thumbnail for - Quick Picks!
Oct 13, 2011
  Shop Talk’s quick picks for where to be seen this week. Edun Trunk Show What: The sustainable line by this fellow named Bono (maybe you’ve heard of him?) and his wife go on display at Mario’s...
Thumbnail for - Project Runway Recap: E.11
Oct 12, 2011
  In this week’s American Gladiator fashion challenge, the six tired designers break into pairs of two to design looks based off of pretty birdies. But wait! That pairing off isn’t in the...
Thumbnail for - Adam Arnold’s Fall Line
Oct 12, 2011
  Last Saturday Adam Arnold held his own in-store fashion show to the delight of attendees. While I (very sadly) couldn’t make it to the show, it looks like Mr. Arnold, his director of production...
Thumbnail for - PFW: Project Runway Peeps
Oct 9, 2011
  Thanks goodness for Saturday night’s fashion week finale. After that many shows, people, photo editing, writing, elbow rubbing, etc. I was in such desperate need of pizazz I just kept coating on...
Thumbnail for - PFW: Local Loves
Oct 8, 2011
  In today’s fashion mood check, I’m happy to deliver thumbs up from last night’s performance from the neighborhood kids. And thank goodness for that because this ol’ editor needed a little shot...
Thumbnail for - PFW Night Two: Athletic-Wear
Oct 7, 2011
  I’m going to be real blunt here and say that minus one glorious breath of fresh air, the second night of Portland Fashion Week left my normal sunny self with a serious case of the grumps. Why?...
Listing 671 - 680 of 1056 Results