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Thumbnail for - Talking Indie Stardom and Vintage Threads with Michael Maker
Jan 5, 2015
"I’m like the lord of Northwest 23rd. I only say that because I don’t want to say mayor. Who wants to be the mayor?"
Thumbnail for - Guide to Portland Storytelling Events
Oct 10, 2014
There's an event for every taste: comic, nostalgic, raunchy. Find the stories you want to hear—or the stage you want to brave. Up this weekend: Urban Tellers and Mystery Box
Thumbnail for - Shakespeare in the Park Summer Schedule
Jul 21, 2014
All the park's a stage for Portland's bevvy of theater companies dedicated to taking the Bard's work into the natural world.
Thumbnail for - Guide to 2014 Summer Concerts and Festivals
Jul 14, 2014
From Pickathon to Edgefield to the Oregon Zoo, we've got this summer's outdoor music schedule laid out. Plus, win tickets to Lyle Lovett.
Thumbnail for - Spinning Trash into Tunes: Trashcan Banjos, Washtub Basses, Shovel Guitars
Jul 10, 2014
In the right hands, even trash cans and shovels can make beautiful music. We look at three musicians who spin melodies from tools and detritus.
Thumbnail for - 6 Things We Learned from Christine McKinley's Physics for Rock Stars
Jun 12, 2014
McKinley teaches us how to make the laws of the universe work in our favor in her new book—or, at least explains a thing or two our high school teachers failed to. Book Release Party June 15
Thumbnail for - Internet Cat Video Fest Returns
Jun 10, 2014
The third annual traveling kitty rumpus pounces into town June 13 & 14. We choose our 5 favorite videos.
Thumbnail for - Top Things to Do This Weekend: June 5-8
Jun 5, 2014
The Naked Bike Ride bares PDX, Shine a Light turns the art museum into a party, Jesse Eisenberg stars in a thriller filmed in Oregon, Colin Meloy talks the Pogues, First Thursday sees sun, and more.
Thumbnail for - June's Killer Literary Events
Jun 4, 2014
LitHop and Poetry Press Week, PDX's best new lit happenings, kick off a crazy month that also includes Tom Robbins, Blumesday, and some local debuts.
Thumbnail for - Eat Beat Weekly Planner
Jun 3, 2014
Try a free Tillamook Tillabar every night this week, raise a glass to PDX Beer Week, and don't forget Lardo's Chefwich Smackdown party!
Listing 1 - 10 of 42 Results