Corey Fawcett

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Thumbnail for - Review: 'The Next Scott Nadelson'
Mar 26, 2013
The Oregon Book Award–winner reads on March 29 from his memoir that balances humor and the pathos of an agonizingly unmoored life.
Thumbnail for - What Do Lady Gaga & 'Book of Mormon' Have in Common?
Dec 12, 2012
A side-by-side guide to the Broadway hit and the pop megastar
Thumbnail for - Hurricane Sandy Relief
Nov 1, 2012
Want to help victims of the Superstorm? We've got options.
Thumbnail for - Eight Girls Taking Pictures by Whitney Otto
Oct 16, 2012
“It was so needlessly trusting ... to see something every day and not for one minute consider that there is an underneath,” thinks one of the eight protagonists in Portland author Whitney Otto’s...