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Thumbnail for - Downtown's PSU District Gets a Makeover
Feb 3, 2014
The city's southern end is waking up, with new projects aiming to tap the college-crowd population boom
Thumbnail for - Point 97's Ocean Conservation Apps Make Waves
Feb 3, 2014
A Ecotrust spin-off from local data navigator Ruby Gates steers high-tech solutions out to sea.
Thumbnail for - Introducing: House of Impress
Jan 17, 2014
New vintage décor website offers a carefully curated, global collection.
Thumbnail for - PDX Index: Health Care Workers
Jan 2, 2014
A by-the-numbers look at Oregon's doctors, nurses, and medical volunteers
Thumbnail for - A Brief History of the PDX Airport Carpet
Dec 20, 2013
There is no other carpet in the world that has the cult following that the Portland Airport International airport's enjoys. It has its own Instagram tag (#pdxcarpet), no fewer than three related...
Thumbnail for - Review: Portland Playhouse’s ‘A Christmas Carol’
Dec 12, 2013
The theater dives gloriously into the Christmas spirit for a show that's anything but trite by adding singing and instrument-playing actors. Thru Dec 29.
Thumbnail for - A Peek at PDX Airport’s New Carpet
Dec 12, 2013
We reveal the new carpet design to replace the Portland International Airport's 25-year-old rug next year
Thumbnail for - 50 Moments That Shaped Portland
Dec 2, 2013
Our spin through Portland’s raucous 170 years reveals a city molded by punks and power brokers, by brilliant breakthroughs and a few heinous mistakes.
Thumbnail for - Portland's Weird National Rankings
Dec 2, 2013
Tattoos? Single ladies? Cigarettes? How our place on official and unofficial lists paint a bizarre portrait of the city.
Thumbnail for - Review: PCS’s ‘Twist Your Dickens’
Nov 27, 2013
We review PCS’s new spin on the Christmas classic from the viewpoints of both Tiny Tim and Scrooge. Thru Dec 22
Listing 1 - 10 of 18 Results