Bill Lascher

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Thumbnail for - The Highs and Lows of Car-Free Living in PDX
Aug 1, 2014
One man gave up his car in favor of Portland’s many mobility options. He loves it. Most of the time.
Thumbnail for - A Portland Disaster App Preps for the Big One
Mar 22, 2013
When the earth shakes, look to your iPhone.
Thumbnail for - Instant Cool (Just Add Tools)
Jul 14, 2012
ADX takes “craft” to the next level by providing inventive citizens with tools and room to work.
Thumbnail for - Tree Titan
Apr 27, 2012
He speaks for the trees.
Thumbnail for - Green Acres?
Sep 21, 2011
A hard look at Portland’s dream of ultra-green neighborhoods
Thumbnail for - Carbon Cargo
Mar 9, 2011
Portland boasts its role in energy conservation. When it comes to transporting coal or stimulate the local economy, which will win out?