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Thumbnail for - Top Chef Recap: Episode 12
Jan 22, 2015
Gourdet narrowly slips into the finale; Adams in limbo.
Thumbnail for - The 10 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of 2015
Jan 21, 2015
Our hottest restaurant prospects for the new year (March is going to be a big one).
Thumbnail for - Top Chef Recap: Episode 11
Jan 15, 2015
Gourdet hangs on with help from his sister; Adams slotted for a comeback.
Thumbnail for - PREAM’s Chinese-Italian Pop-Up
Jan 13, 2015
Menu details for the hip-hop-inspired pizza sensation’s new pop-up dinner series.
Thumbnail for - Eat Beat Weekly Planner
Jan 12, 2015
Our digest of Portland’s top upcoming food and drink events, including the Oregon Truffle Festival, dance parties at DaNet, and izakaya dinners at Nodoguro
Thumbnail for - Top Chef Recap: Episode 10
Jan 8, 2015
In an ode to Julia Child, Imperial's Doug Adams is eliminated (for now).
Thumbnail for - The New Laurelhurst Market
Jan 7, 2015
Chef Ben Bettinger and bartender Kevin Ludwig helm Portland’s iconic, alternative steak house; Paley’s Place chef Patrick McKee joins the kitchen.
Thumbnail for - Win Tickets to the Oregon Truffle Festival
Jan 6, 2015
Eat Beat snagged a pair tickets to OTF’s “A Walk on the Wild Side” dinner on Friday, January 16th—and they may have your name on them!
Thumbnail for - 3 Killer DIY Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from Cheese Plate PDX
Jan 5, 2015
Deep in the bleak, bone-chilling days of winter, we adults need a booster of gooey, nostalgic grilled cheese just as much as the kids do.
Thumbnail for - Bamboo Izakaya's Sustainable Grill is Sizzling on Alberta
Jan 5, 2015
Anchored around a custom-made robata grill, the promising new sister restaurant to Portland’s sustainable sushi franchise is heating up.
Listing 41 - 50 of 481 Results