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Thumbnail for - Feast Portland Goes National
Jan 25, 2012
Big news for Portland’s first major food and drink festival, Feast Portland. According to the social media foodies over at Eater PDX, Bon Appétit magazine has just signed on as the national media...
Thumbnail for - In the Kitchen with Sarah Hart
Jan 20, 2012
Here's a delicious dessert recipe that's perfect for Valentine's Day—and it comes straight from the (Sarah) Hart.
Thumbnail for - Alma's Chocolate Bread Pudding
Jan 20, 2012
The chocolate bread pudding recipe from local chocolatier Sarah Hart is worthy of worship.
Thumbnail for - Little Bird’s Fancy Pants Chocolate Bar
Jan 18, 2012
Clip in your cufflinks and strap on your diamonds, it’s time for dessert. Little Bird Bistro, downtown Portland’s “fanciest” French eatery, is cranking out a new line of top-notch dark chocolate...
Thumbnail for - Double Dragon
Jan 11, 2012
If Portland had an official banh mi sandwich, it would look something like this: slow-cooked, stuffed to the brim with mostly local pork, layered with creativity, and served with potato chips....
Thumbnail for - Crème Brulee Donut at Donut-O-Rama
Dec 28, 2011
The unmistakable WHOOSH of a propane blowtorch caught my attention as I waited in line at Addy’s Sandwich Bar near SW 10th and Alder. “That’s the new donut place,” Addy tells me, pointing down...
Thumbnail for - Introducing: Chop
Dec 23, 2011
FROM BEHIND a glass boundary, Chop’s charcuterie shop looks out over the midday madness that is Tasty N Sons. Sated families and jilted foodies faced with a two-hour wait often amble in to Eric...
Thumbnail for - Tanuki
Dec 21, 2011
Through the dim red lighting, a constant stream of raunchy Japanese animation and Tarantino-like violence blares above the bar with J-pop caterwauling from a boom box in the corner. The only way...
Thumbnail for - The Dish on Portland Dining: 2011
Dec 21, 2011
Portland’s top tastemakers reveal their favorite restaurants, cocktails, pet peeves, and food forecasts. Which chefs are poised for prime time? Are bartenders pulling ahead of chefs as creative...
Thumbnail for - The 50 Most Influential Portlanders
Dec 16, 2011
Who will define Portland in a new era? We asked around—and around some more—to discover this inspiring collection of movers, shakers, rising stars, and established figures with fresh ideas who are...
Listing 371 - 380 of 461 Results